Ephesians 6:13

I learn from others. I live vicariously through their adventures and use their stories to inspire my own. I take their words and marinate on them with Him. I test them… hold on to the good, get rid of the evil. I am also encouraged by people. Their trials and perseverance; face-plants and victories. One way that I stay connected with these people who make up the Church is through blogs. There are many out there… some good, solid and full of Truth; some weak, one-sided and a little off the proverbial mark. (Once again, test all things.) Anyhow, one of my favs is “Thoughts from Fabs” (http://www.fabsharford.com). Check it. This was her post from today… it was actually a guest post by one of her friends, Annie Lent. Needless to say, I could see so much of myself in her post. Read ahead and see if you can spot the similarities and underlying strength of hope…

I am a runner.

No, not a healthy marathoner or even exerciser, but an escapist, a hider. In the fight or flight syndrome, I am the poster child for flight. I hide out in hours of food network. I escape to favorite boutiques or pubs with friends. I curl up in novels or throw myself in theological works way over my head. Anything to distract me from the here and now.

In my great escape, I went to see David Ramirez play at a dark and crowded pub. There is nothing like sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers with the music rolling over us and seemingly tying us all together in a relatable and charming anguish.

And then in his languid throaty voice, he sings “deal me in”. And the false therapy session of shared understandings of sadness, ends.

Why don’t I say this? Live like this? Commit like this? Fight like this? Why do I instead throw my cards down with a defiant “fold” as soon as I see that I don’t have the makings of a straight or a full house?

There is this part of me that wants to be a fighter. The part of me that wants to be the kind of girl who goes all in, regardless.

One of my favorite words in scripture is “nevertheless”.

One of the most powerful times this is used is when Jesus said, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.”

I want this kind of fight in me. The kind that says –

In spite of my fists feeling like they have been injected with lead, I’ll fight.
Despite my knees cracking against each other with nervous fears, I’ll stand.
My mouth is dry and my voice feels empty, nonetheless, I’ll speak.

Remove these burdens that my shoulders are too small to bear.
But even if you don’t, deal me in.

-Annie Lent via “Thoughts from fabs”



“To love is to adore! To obey is to praise! To act is to worship! If you are imitators of God as dear children, your adoration will be proved to be sincere. Worship unattended by imitation is fake—true adoration dwells not in words only—as it comes from the heart, so it affects the entire nature and shows itself in the daily behavior.” Spurgeon