Psalm 37:5-6

Years of schooling and months of preparation have led me to this moment… NBCOT boards are tomorrow morning. 09:00. 5 hours of brain-wracking testing. 1 strong cup of coffee.

Times like these bring me back to the truthful gems of verse that I have found in scripture over the years. Those truths and His Spirit within me have soothed my fears and calmed my anxious thoughts time and time (and time) again. What would I do without Him? Once again, I’m clinging to those mighty words of His for dear life. They truly are health to my bones, strength to my soul, and peace to my heart.

As always, Abba… not my will, but Thine alone.


Romans 8

A good reminder from Fabs:

For us

Posted: 23 Jan 2013 06:53 AM PST

          If God is for us, who can be against us?

I know. I know. Surely, I’ve posted enough on this verse.

I just can’t get over it you see.

Don’t let those words gloss over you this morning.  Stop.  Pray right now and ask God to make them mean something to you.  Ask His Spirit to enliven your heart to be overwhelmed by that reality.

God is for us.  If we are in Christ He is really and truly for us.  Nothing that happens to you today is happening because He’s mad at you.  There is no anger left.  He is for you.  He’s on your side.

And because of that – no one can be against you.  Even those who intend to be against you will end up being for you.  Just like Joseph’s brothers, selling him into slavery in Genesis, satan, your enemies, whatever comes your way – it is for you. It will never be against you again.

If God is for us who can be against us.

I don’t know what drew you to this page today, but I know behind it is a sovereign and gracious God longing for you to take just a moment and sit in the glorious purchase of the Cross: your God is for you.  He is on your side.  I know that sometimes it may not look that way.  I know there are days when you might not feel that, but Christian, grasp at whatever faith there is in your heart right now: God is for you and therefore nothing and no one can be against you.  He will make every effort intended to set you back bring you forward.  Every weapon fired your way will turn out for your good.

Because God is on your side.

You know how I know that?  The Cross.  He gave you Jesus.  Do you really doubt that He’ll withhold from you?  Hasn’t He proved He holds nothing back from His kids?  Not even His Son.

Single, you are alone today because God is for you.  Barren wife, you are without child today because God is for you.  Wounded widow, grieving mother, abandoned child, forsaken wife know this: loss is in your life because God is for you.

And while that may taste bitter and hard, it is the sweetest truth in all the world.

Don’t let Satan distract you with a false and temporal offer of comfort.  There is no comfort to be found in thinking that anyone but God has power in your life.

Today will bring with it lies and deceit, attempts to derail and untold obstacles.  And with this promise, each obstacle becomes an opportunity; a chance to display to the word that you believe the truth that if God is for you, no one and nothing can prevail against you.

If you are in Christ, shut your eyes.  Right now.  Fix your gaze on the cross and hear the voice of God speaking clearly into your soul: I am for you.

Morning thoughts

Today is the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. I will be the first to tell you that I am not a political person. (I actually shy away from the topic as much as earthly possible.) But, days like today make everyone a political person. This is a day of elated joy for the Democratic citizens of America, and it is a day of sour discontentment for the Republican members of our country. Some of us are just plain torn over the situation. Why? Is it simply because of differing political views based on moral beliefs held by each unique individual? Perhaps. We are each allowed (and encouraged!) to form our own political stances based on our solemnly held beliefs. But, should the posture of our hearts and thoughts of our minds be redirected to embrace another attitude? An attitude that forgoes our own gut reactions? A more Godly attitude?

These were my thoughts this morning. Should I be more impassioned by Christina’s ideas or God’s ideas? I awoke to live media coverage of the presidential inauguration on every cable channel imaginable. It was my first reaction to spend time in prayer for President Obama, the administration, and our country as a whole. But, I found my heart torn and my mind thirsting for more information concerning His perspective on elected government. What stance would the mind of Christ take in this situation? I immediately narrowed in on Romans 13. I know that Romans 13 and the sovereignty of our LORD command us to rest assured in the selection of empowered leaders in our nations. But, I stumbled across something else that I thought was interesting… Yes, we are to revere the leaders instituted by God, but there are also countless examples in scripture where God stirred the hearts of His children to act contrary to the mandates of an ungodly government in specific instances of unrighteousness. Please don’t take my word for it, take a look at these sections of verse:

  • Exodus 1:17,21
  • 1 Kings 18:4-16
  • Esther 4:16
  • Daniel 3:12-18
  • Daniel 6
  • Matthew 2:12
  • Acts 5:29
  • Hebrews 11:23

Please do not think that I am stating (in any way!) that we should somehow act against our government! I am not saying that at all (…so I hope the CIA or USSS does not come nocking at my door, lol)! What I am saying is that perhaps we should continually take stock of our governments’ requests of us. Duh, no brainer, I know. I honestly felt encourage this morning to not be a blind consumer of government, and I wanted to share that truth. Pray for our government, and trust in His establishment of leaders. Support our government via taxes and regulations, because He ordained their establishment. Also, be cognizant of the fact that perfection does not exist in a broken world…especially in an ungodly nation. Chastisement is very real and it is a due result of wayward behaviors. Yet, embrace the gifts of democracy. I can write this blog and pursue my faith because of the freedom that it provides! Most importantly, be sensitive to the Spirit of God. We are all accountable for our actions, so let those actions be in faith and conviction of the Spirit.

Democrat or Republican (or somewhere in between), we must continually remind ourselves that God is more powerful than the fiercest of human powers. No person or people group is greater than He. Ever. Past, present, or future.

Hope I didn’t step on too many toes,