A lost month

I didn’t write a single post in the month of April.


I think my absence on here is a good reflection of the busyness that has overwhelmed my life as of late. Despite the recent craziness, I feel a though things have finally begun to settle down… I seem to have a ‘schedule’ that is free of those unpredictable popups and mishaps that come with big life transitions. Free time finally exists! I’m in dire need of some Jesus Time to dig deep, pray, reflect and write. I can feel it in my heart, and I can see the effects of its absence in my life. To be honest, I’ve missed a lot of things since my move to TN. Moving away from all that you’ve ever known will certainly do that to a young lady. But, I’ve missed Him amidst the whirlwind the most. I’ve been busy with the things of God, but I’ve somehow unknowingly distanced myself from the person of God. Not a great feeling… 

I’m ready to fall down at your feet again, Abba. 

Spring has sprung, and I witness the blooming of new life each day as I lead Gracie on our afternoon walks. I think I enjoy those peaceful walks as much as she does, lol. There is something new and exciting budding in each flowerbed and patch on any given day. Life is changing and growing. Just like me. So, here’s a whooping “Cheers!” to a new stage of life with lots of blooming to be had of my own. May God be gracious and ever present!


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